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LED 5400K LED500AVL LCD Touch con tripode

465,00 € 465,00 € 465.0 EUR

• Power infinitely adjustable
• Lamp tripod with shock absorber in each section and carrying bag
• Quickly adjustable by quick-release lever
• Stable transport bag for the lamp with shoulder strap and space for accessories
• V-mount battery plate for use with professional battery systems

Dimmable LED surface light 25 watt with illuminated LCD display
• Color temperature about 5400 Kelvin
• Dimmable 10-100%
• including power supply 5A / 12 Volt at 100-240 Volt

Housing size (without wing / without holder): 35 * 19 * 7CM

Light output / distance in meters:
• 1m 2200Lux
• 2m 550Lux
• 3m 275 lux